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Closd is a project and legal operations management solution that enables collaborative work while increasing efficiency and productivity. Developed by legal practitioners, Closd centralizes all the tools you need to successfully carry out your legal operations from A to Z in a secure manner. .

Designed to support professionals specializing in business law, Closd not only allows you to manage your projects and legal operations but also provides a Data Room solution to simplify and expedite audits with optimal security, accompanied by a unique experience.

Gestion projets juridiques closd

Accelerate and automate your legal projects and operations from A to Z.

Closd is a collaborative solution that allows you to digitalize your legal projects and operations from audit to closing. It simplifies communication with your clients and partners and automates time-consuming tasks, all within an ultra-intuitive and secure interface. With features such as document sharing, interactive checklists, electronic signature, generation of legal document compilations (bibles), and electronic safe, you can focus on your expertise rather than the process.

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Data Room: Simplify your legal audits.

Closd's next-generation Data Room solution simplifies and accelerates your audits with optimal security levels. Participant confidentiality, access rights management, prohibition of downloading and watermarks, Q&A module, user activity logs... Closd combines the simplicity of a file-sharing space, the best features of a Data Room, and ironclad security.

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Gestion projets juridiques data room closd

Gestion projets juridiques signature electronique closd

Electronic Signature: Simplify your signing process with highly efficient and secure technology.

Thanks to the integration of electronic signature technologies from Docusign and Certeurope (trusted service providers certified by ANSSI), save hours on contract signing and closings. Choose the desired level of security: Simple, Advanced, Qualified, or handwritten signature. Automatically generate closing document compilations (bibles) and share them directly with your clients after signing.

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Electronic Archiving : Secure your legal data  

With the electronic archiving system Arkhineo via Closd, the leading French provider of electronic archiving, you can securely store your sensitive and original documents in an ultra-secure electronic safe with probative value. Fulfill legal requirements for the preservation of digital originals and protect your documents and those of your clients in the long term.

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Gestion projets juridiques coffre fort closd

Enhance your project and legal operations management with Closd.

Closd is a legal solution that adapts to your legal activities, including mergers and acquisitions, corporate law, financing, real estate, contracts, and more. With Closd, you can reduce manual legal tasks by securely automating them, lowering costs, expedite the processing of your legal projects, secure your documents, and transform the client experience.

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Simplify your audits

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Secure your legal data

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Accelerate your legal operations

Lawyers, investment bankers, legal professionals, accountants, funds... They have chosen Closd to optimize their processes.

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Digitize your legal projects and operations.

Designed by legal practitioners, Closd brings together all the tools you need: next-generation data room, automated workflow management, electronic closing, instant document compilations (bibles), and archiving.

+ Secure your legal projects

Closd adopts best practices and ensures project confidentiality: hosting in the EU, robust architecture, and comprehensive data encryption. All monitored through security audits.

A simple and intuitive legal solution.

No installation required, get started in no time. Our user-friendly interface adapts to all devices (computers, tablets, smartphones) for an unparalleled experience. Closd operates in both French and English..

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● Ultra secure, collaborative client portal

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● Real-time project management

● Boosted efficiency

● Redefined customer experience

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