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Lexis + UK Legal

With the largest collection of UK law, Legal Research gives quick and comprehensive access to up-to-date legislation, case law and commentary.

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Lexis + UK Practical Guidance

Practical Guidance on Lexis+ offers practice notes, precedents, forms and current awareness alerts across 36 practice areas. It will help you to win cases, close deals and grow your business, all whilst saving time and reducing risk.

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The solution is dedicated to corporate lawyers, business attorneys, certified public accountants, and other professionals to assist you in managing your legal projects and operations such as mergers, acquisitions, divisions, and more.

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The world's leading provider of legal information on merger control, extracted from decisions of 58 competition authorities over the past 23 years.

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Tolley® Guidance

TolleyGuidance provides practical UK tax guidance with step-by-step examples and workflow tools that demonstrate how to apply legislation in real-world situations.

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Tolley® Library

Get all the tax and accountancy intelligence your business needs with the largest reference library of its kind in the UK.

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Lexis® Create

Write legal documents without distraction. More accuracy. More speed. All within the Microsoft environment.

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Clause Intelligence

Conseils pratiques d'experts et outils de travail pour les professionnels de la fiscalité. Accélérez tous les aspects de votre travail fiscal grâce à des conseils pratiques et des outils fiables qui vous aident à travailler plus rapidement.

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Lexis + US

Access all legal information in the U.S.A. Experience results with superior research, data-driven insights, and practical guidance, all via one premium legal solution.

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Lexis® China

Lexis® China is an essential bilingual Chinese-English database tailored to the Chinese market. It enables unique searching capabilities for case law, bilingual Chinese-English legal articles, emerging issues, and updates in key legal domains

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Lexis® Middle East

In addition to fully amended and consolidated laws translated from Arabic to English, gain access to regulatory documents from over 100 free trade zones and agencies in the Middle East. Lexis® Middle East is the only platform that includes translations of all the indexes from the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) gazettes.

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Lexis® MA

The fastest and most comprehensive legal platform in Morocco! Designed in close collaboration with a scientific committee of experts and 64 authors, Lexis® MA is dedicated to business lawyers, notaries, corporate legal professionals, and legal and tax advisors.

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Lexis® 360 Intelligence

Lexis® 360 Intelligence is the online legal research platform designed for legal practitioners, government entities, and businesses. It provides the largest collection of French and European legal content on an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

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