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LexisNexis is a global publisher of legal information.

We provide reliable legal content for legal professionals around the world through our online research products, journals, encyclopedias etc., in order to help our customers succeed in an increasingly globalized world with access to authoritative and quality content, including primary law, expert commentary and practical guidance, from key jurisdictions such as : United Kingdom, United States of America, Continental Europe, Middle East and Africa.

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LexisNexis provides a comprehensive selection of legal content that applies either to the whole of the UK, or to England, Scotland and Wales and other legal juridictions throughout the Commonwealth. Two options are available, access to practical guidance content collections providing expert guidance with LexisPSL and authoritative research libraries through content collections offering comprehensive coverage accessed via LexisLibrary.

Practical guidance collections

Lexis®PSL provides practical guidance in 24 practice areas, from specialist solicitors and barristers so you can work more efficiently and provide advice with confidence. To ensure you spend less time searching and get to the information you require quickly, LexisPSL supports you with comprehensive practice notes, relevant case law and legislation as well as practical resources such as precedents, flowcharts, checklists and automated calculators

  • Get news, legal updates and analysis. Our experts analyse what developments mean in practice so it’s easy to grasp the impact for your clients.
  • Speed up repetitive tasks. Time saving calculators, checklists and flow-charts will help you make the most of your time.
  • Update forms painlessly. All the most up-to-date versions of the key forms you need are included in a PDF format that’s easy to save, edit, and email to clients.
  • Save hours of drafting time. Produce fast and accurate documents based on LexisNexis’ bank of precedents and drafting notes.

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Online legal search libraries database

LexisLibrary is the UK's most authoritative and comprehensive collection of annotated legislation, cases, forms, precedents and commentary from Butterworths and Tolley.

  • Advise with confidence
    Use the most authoritative source of UK legal materials on the market.
  • Work more efficiently
    Our simple and advanced online searching ensures you quickly find up-to-date information, resources and expert opinion from established names such as Butterworths, Tolley and Halsbury’s.
  • Stay up-to-date
    Instantly know of any changes to UK legislation with the twice-daily 'Stop Press'.
  • Get all you need from one provider
    LexisLibrary and LexisPSL work together to provide the trusted content and practical guidance lawyers need to work smarter, so you can quickly find answers no matter where you start your research.

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Lexis® 360  is the legal online research platform made for legal practitioners, government and corporate users, offers the largest French and european legal content in the most intuitive and friendly online environment

Lexis® 360 is for legal professionals, corporates and all institutions. It provides you with all-in-one access to legislation, commentary, case law and practical guidance in French to European union and French law.

Subscribe to Lexis® 360 and benefit from access to  :

  • All legislation, cases summaries and commentaries from expert authors in journals and JurisClasseur Encyclopaedias
  • Useful practical guidance in all range of law area
  • Easy online access to search platform content  with advanced technology and enhanced functionality such as hyper-linking capabilities between all types of documents to serve high quality content

All practice area are included in such as :

  • Business law
  • Employment law
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Property law
  • Tax
  • Family law etc.

The following content types are:

  • Daily news and Journals
  • Practical  guidances with step-by-step guides and toolkits
  • Primary law
  • Cases and commentaries of expert authors
  • JurisClasseur Encyclopaedias
  • Contract and clause templates that can be download

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Lexis® Advance

  • Delivering the confidence to be first.
  • No matter where your research takes you.Lexis Advance® is the right choice to bring you the right results.
  • Experienced perspectives. Good law made simple.
  • Seamless integration means you can turn research into action
  • Trust Your Intuition. Designed for the Way You Work.
  • Explore Lexis Advance® Practice Centers
  • Work anywhere, anytime, on any device

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Lexis® Maroc
Lexis® Maroc is a unique search online legal and tax information database for lawyers and solicitors.

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JurisClasseur, through its encyclopaedias, journals, bound books has been the definitive reference on the French legal market for more than a century.
Constantly updated and covering all areas of the law, JurisClasseur encyclopaedias are used by all the leading Law Firms, Tax & Accountancy practices, Notary offices and companies, and by all the Law Universities. They provide the most comprehensive and authoritative legal information to drive productive, efficient and reliable decisions: legislation, comments, case law, procedure and forms. JurisClasseur encyclopaedias are complemented by legal journals which bring news and analysis on legal current developments.

  • 5,000 prestigious authors contribute legal content.
  • Products include: 98 loose-leaf encyclopaedias (over 400 volumes), 32 journals, 59 CDs and DVDs, and more than 150 bound books.
  • All practice areas including: civil, criminal, judicial, tax, employment, company, business, international, public and real-estate law

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