Configuration Details SAML with a PROXY access

January Su, 2019

The new Lexis360 named Lexis360intelligence will update its domain name from to

If you access Access to the new Lexis 360 url through SAML protocol with PROXY (ezProxy, Bibliopam or others security applications), you will have to update of your proxy configurations (url to be adapted highlighted in green below and related to RelayState / "back" url parameter of your SAML Service Provider initiated):

https://www-lexis360intelligence-fr.{proxy domain of the institution}

In addition to your current configurations to allow your users to access the new version of Lexis 360, you should:

- In the ezProxy case , use the following stanza configurations as an attachment to be deployed within your proxy.

  • Stanza - Saml - : stanza configuration for Lexis 360 (to update)
  • Stanza - Saml - : stanza configuration for Lexis 360 Beta (to update)
  • Stanza - Saml - : stanza configuration for Lexis 360 Intelligence (to add)

- In the BibloPam case and others cases, declare/authorize access to the "” domain

WARNING: You must also keep your existing SAML configurations and Service Provider links for your current Lexis 360 Academic access ( because your users will need to be able to access both products via a toggle button included in the site.

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